Как победить Elden Ring - Полное руководство + Советы и трюки

So you’re looking to beat Elden Ring? No matter where you are in FromSoftware’s epic title, we’ve got a guide to get you to endgame.

Elden Ring is definitely the biggest game of 2022 so far, and it’s one of those gaming phenomenons that seems to have everyone playing it.

Already, fans are talking about Elden Ring’s DLC potential, but many players are yet to finish the game. It is, after all, a notoriously difficult experience, from start to finish.

But if you’re determined to complete the latest FromSoftware game, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re just starting out or stuck in the Lake of Rot, here’s a guide to help you become a true Elden Lord.

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  1. Complete Guide to Elden Ring – Full Walkthrough
    • Начиная
    • General Guides
    • Important Items
    • Easy Level Up / Rune Farming
    • Best Weapons & Spells
    • Limgrave Guide
    • Limgrave Boss Guides
    • Limgrave Quests
    • Liurnia of the Lakes Guide
    • Liurnia of the Lakes Quests
    • Liurnia of the Lakes Boss Guides
    • Caelid Guide
    • Caelid Quests
    • Caelid Boss Guides
    • Altus Plateau Guide
    • Altus Plateau Quests
    • Leyndell, Royal Capital Guide
    • Leyndell, Royal Capital Boss Guides
    • Mountaintops of the Giants Guide
    • Mountaintops of the Giants Boss Guides
    • Crumbling Farum Azula Guide
    • Crumbling Farum Azula Boss Guides
    • Leyndell, Ashen Capital Guide
    • Leyndell, Ashen Capital Boss Guides
    • Endgame Guides

Complete Guide to Elden Ring – Full Walkthrough


When you’re first starting out with the game, don’t miss the Elden Ring tutorial section! A lot of cautious players still don’t know that the area exists!

You should also make sure you know the best Elden Ring starting class for you. Although you’re free to change up your character as you like, choosing the right starting build and equipment is essential.

It’s also important to understand FP (or Focus Points) and how to get more of the important resource.

Then, you’re onto the game’s first area, Limgrave.

General Guides

This area of the guide will be for items and weapons that you need to seek out as you go. Feel free to return to this section at any point in your Elden Ring adventure.

Important Items

  • All Golden Seed Locations + Maps
  • All Larval Tear Locations With Maps – Where To Find
  • Gold Scarab – Abandoned Cave Location + Map
  • All Sites of Lost Grace Locations + Map
  • Where to Find All Great Runes & What They Do
  • Best Talismans & Where to Find Them – Locations + Maps
  • All Bell Bearing Locations + Maps

Elden Ring ► Как убить начального босса * All Walking Mausoleum Locations * How to Get Mimic Tear – Best Spirit Ashes Summon Location + Map

Easy Level Up / Rune Farming

  • Easy Way to Get 74,000 Runes – Sleeping Dragon Location + Map
  • Reset the Sleeping Dragon Easy Rune Farm – Unlimited Runes
  • Best Endgame Rune Farm Location – 10 Million Runes/Hour
  • Soft Caps For All Stats & Attributes – Efficient Level Up Guide

Best Weapons & Spells

  • How to Get Comet Azur – Location + Map
  • Meteorite of Astel – Overpowered Spell
  • Where to Find Every Staff – Locations + Maps
  • Black Flame – OP Incantation Location + Map
  • Best Sacred Seal in Elden Ring & Where to Find It
  • Bolt of Gransax – OP PvP Weapon Location + Map
  • The Sword of Night and Flame – Location + Map
  • Moonveil Katana – Location + Map
  • Rivers of Blood Katana – Location + Map
  • Where to Find All Legendary Armaments – Best Weapons in the Game

Limgrave Guide

Now that the whole of the Lands Between is yours to explore, it’s time to get started on your adventure!

We’ve got a full guide onwhere to go and what to do first in Limgrave, so you don’t miss a thing!

Plus, don’t miss our list of the best early game weapons and where to find them.

You should definitely adventure South when starting off your adventure as quickly as possible – save the Tree Sentinel ahead until later. Just be careful when traveling East else you’ll end up in the hellish nightmare that is Caelid.

However, if you’re a magic-user, you can use a secret route to get the best early game staff right away! On top of that, you do need to head East to the Third Church of Marika in order to get your hands on the Flask of Wondrous Physick!

Once you’re all done with this area, it’s time to head North to Stormveil Castle. And while it is possible to skip Stormveil should you wish, we’d definitely recommend taking it on.

Limgrave Boss Guides

  • Margit the Fell Omen – Boss Guide
  • Godrick The Grafted – Boss Guide

Limgrave Quests


  • Godfrey, первый Elden Lord Hoarah Loux - руководство босса
  • Radagon of Golden Order & Elden Beast - Gush Guide

Руководства EndGame

Все сделано с помощью Elden Ring? Обязательно посмотрите на все, что вы должны сделать, прежде чем отправиться в новую игру плюс! Между тем, у нас также есть наша идея для того, что может быть лучшая сборка Elden Ring! Наконец, пришло время решить, как закончить ваше приключение. Вот руководство по вашим вашим вашим, чтобы выбрать свой эфир и объяснения вашего эльденского кольца для того, что каждый означает!


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