Canary Pro Review: Достопримечательности, Высокая стоимость

Canary Pro review: Decent performance, high cost

MSRP $169.00

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“The Canary Pro delivers clear video and audio recording along with air quality sensors, but its premium service is required to make it even half-functional.”


  • Built-in air quality sensors
  • Solid performance
  • Offers a pseudo-financing plan
  • Optional Ethernet port


  • Best features locked behind Premium subscription
  • Too expensive for what it offers
  • Slow to start live feed

When smart home security tech initially became popular, Canary was one of the first companies to offer a reliable option with the original Canary. The tech has evolved a long way since then. The most recent iteration is the Canary Pro, an all-in-one solution that combines a security camera, siren, and motion-sensing capabilities in one.


  • Clarity and specs
  • Real-world performance
  • Is Canary Premium worth it?
  • Our take

Does it compare well with other options? In some ways, yes — but not all. While Canary is marketed as self-monitored security, it doesn’t offer the same level of protection as a system with professional monitoring.

Clarity and specs

Right out of the gate, the Canary Pro offers some impressive technical specifications, especially for a $169 security system. It features:

  • 1080p HD camera with motion sensor
  • 147-degree wide-angle lens
  • Automatic night vision
  • Two-way talk
  • 90+ decibel siren
  • 2.4 GHz, Ethernet, and Bluetooth compatibility
  • Temperature, humidity, and air quality sensors

The camera is quite clear, especially when used in smaller spaces. The microphone clearly picks up audio (and the speakers are clear when speaking through the app.) The primary downside I found is that there is about a half-second to a second of lag between what happens in front of the camera and when you see it in the app.

The app itself is also somewhat slow to load. On several occasions, I waited five to 10 seconds for the image to appear. It’s not ideal for real-time monitoring, especially if you are given a motion alert when you aren’t at home.

Real-world performance

I set the Canary Pro up to act as a kitty cam. Given that I never leave home, it was the best way to test the motion detection of the camera. With that application in mind, it worked quite well. This is a screenshot of it in action, albeit with a moving target.

I tested the Canary Pro without its premium subscription, but even though it lacked many features, it still worked well. The core feature set is what counts: Reliable motion detection, two-way audio, and a siren (although I never used it except to test.) That said, I wouldn’t lean on it as my main security device without its premium subscription.

One of the standout features of the Canary Pro is its air quality detection. While this isn’t that unusual anymore — companies like Blink have begun offering this to some extent, too — the Canary Pro does more than just give you the temperature. It also measures humidity and looks for pollutants in the air.

The sensor isn’t as powerful as one you might find in a high-quality air purifier, but it can detect pollutants such as isobutane, hydrogen, methane, ethanol, carbon monoxide, cigarette smoke, and cooking odors. It then displays a graph of the changes in air quality over time, as well as a real-time reading of the current air quality, temperature, and humidity. For example, while burning a candle nearby, the air quality remained relatively stable, but pollutants spiked temporarily after the candle was blown out.

I found differences in readings between the Canary Pro and my dedicated air quality sensor, but as an additional feature in a security camera, it’s sufficiently accurate.

Like most monitoring systems, there are three modes to choose from: Away, Home, and Night. By default, Away Mode enables recording and lets you watch live, while Home Mode disables recordings while retaining live viewing. Night Mode is set to alert you only when the system detects a person.

You can edit what each mode does, as well as set up schedules for when a mode should activate. The Canary Pro also utilizes a form of geofencing to automatically enable or disable Home mode when your mobile device (or that of a registered family member) connects to Wi-Fi.

Is Canary Premium worth it?

Canary Premium is $10 per month or $99 per year for your first device. Every additional device after this is another $3 per month or $29 per year.

Many of Canary’s best features are locked behind this subscription. Without the service, any Canary device is severely limited in what it can do. The basic service includes 24/7 live viewing, motion notification, two-way audio, and … well, that’s basically it.

If you want to receive motion notifications with a preview image or video clip, you need Canary Premium. You also need Canary Premium for Person Detection.

It includes a lot of other features, too:

  • Полнометражные видеоклипы
  • 30 дней истории видео
  • Зона маскировки
  • One-Tap, чтобы позвонить первым ответчикам
  • Неограниченное видео загрузки
  • Кнопка безопасности
  • Поддержка инцидентов
  • Desktop Treaking
  • Пользовательские дома и прочь
  • Поддержка Apple TV
  • Apple Watch App
  • Геофекция
  • Google Assistant и Alexa Integration
  • Двухлетнее устройство гарантии

Стоит ли Canary Premium? Если у вас есть канареечное устройство, да, оно. В противном случае устройство просто вообще не стоит - вы платите за функции, к которым у вас не будет доступа.

Если у вас нет канареемого устройства, Canary Premium Service - это большая оценка для покупки. Ограничение особенностей ежегодной подписки - это архаичная практика, и тот, который должен исчезнуть как можно скорее.

У него есть единый усадьба: многие канарские продукты, в том числе Canary Pro, бесплатны с двухлетней подпиской на премиум-услугу. При 13 долларов в месяц для устройства плюс премиальная служба, она несколько составляет стоимость.

Canary All-in-One Home Security Device Review

Наша взять

Canary Pro представляет собой прочную систему безопасности All-in-One, омрачиваемую поверхностному обслуживанию подписки. В то время как система безопасности хорошо работает, ограничения делают нас вторым догадам, используя его в наших собственных домах, когда есть лучшие, более доступные варианты.

Есть ли лучшая альтернатива?

Canary Pro имеет много особенностей, но они дороги для доступа. Если вы готовы торговать несколько функций для доступности, вы можете рассмотреть необходимую крытую камеру ARLO. При 100 долларов затратываются меньше, чем канарейка, и хотя он также имеет план подписки, это всего 3 доллара в месяц. Другой еще более доступный вариант - это камера в помещении кольца всего 60 долларов.

Как долго это будет продолжаться?

Канарская про твердо построена. За исключением любых серьезных падений, я ожидаю увидеть несколько лет использования. Если что-то пойти не так, Canary предлагает однолетнюю гарантию (или два, если у вас есть премиум-услуги.)

Если вы покупаете это?

Нет. Система безопасности самостоятельной безопасности слишком ограничена для чего-либо большего, чем квартира-студио, а слишком дорого, чтобы расширить для больших домов, особенно когда есть более доступные альтернативы, которые приходят так близко к сопоставлению.


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